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Sorted Clothing

An characteristic can be used to sort clothing. Shirts, blouses, shorts, swimwear, coats, jackets, trousers, and skirts are examples. ‘Sorting Second-Hand’ is the term for this type of used clothing.

The garments are then sorted and packed according to whether they are for adults or children, as well as the season. Secondhand clothes is divided into distinct quality groups. Although there is no universal system or classification for used clothing, the following are the most popular sorts of categories:
With regard to Pakistan, we provide the following:



garment that has been worn but shows just minor indications of wear (almost new)


Grade -A & B

not ripped, not filthy, with a low usage percentage


Grade -C

Frequently, items that aren’t suited for sale Grade-C Which are commonly referred to as Pakistan Grade items.


Cleaning Rags

rags and towels for cleaning (if cotton – suitable for use in car washes, etc.)


Adults, teenagers, and children can all benefit from this high-quality, current-style item. Accessories, branded apparel, and new clothing were also included.

It’s ideal for high-end stores, outlet stores, and markets.

First Choice

Women, men, young people, and children were chosen based on their typology.

Second Choice

This material is separated into articles and is mostly aimed at the African market.

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