About Us

01. About Us

Transmarine Traders is a secondhand clothing and shoe company founded in Pakistan with regional offices in Cologne, Germany, and Dubai. We are certified international import and export service providers from all across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our organisation, which has been in operation for over 5 years, is a reliable and transparent provider of used clothing and shoes. HHR Heavy, HHR Light, knickknacks, toys, and more. Transmarine Traders is dedicated to developing its products, services, and procedures on a daily basis in order to maintain high delivery and satisfaction standards for our valued customers in Pakistan, Africa, and Dubai, earning us recognition as a distinguished symbol of quality.

We provide a variety of products to our customers and deliver the containers to their location. In addition, we offer freight services.

02. What We Do

Transmarine Traders participates in a wide range of import and export activities. “Worn Clothes and Other Worn Articles,” “Papers,” and Metal Scrapes are three of our main offerings. In Pakistan and Dubai, we have warehouses. We provide containers of one-of-a-kind products such as old clothing, shoes, toys, and much more to meet the needs of our valued consumers.

03. Why Work With Us

We are dedicated to our work, we know what we’re doing, and our major goal is to deliver a high-quality product on time to our loyal customers. We are sincere and feel that quality, not number, is the most important factor.
Our used clothing container service covers the following services as a well-established company:

Under the Transmarine Traders umbrella, everyone has equal rights to import containers from all around Europe at very low prices.

04. What we offer for our potential customers

Provide cost-effective 20-foot and 40-foot containers with a variety of specifications.
To reserve containers in advance for our loyal customers.
To provide a loading vigilance service throughout Europe.
Arrange for the most cost-effective shipping firm to import your goods.
From A to Z, clearing and forwarding services
Arrange all essential documents, such as a price list, a Performa invoice, a Bill of Landing, a Commercial Invoice, and the name of the Weboc Id company.
Free lettering and painting based on the needs of the customer.

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